Must know, Get Insurance claim of up to 40 Lakhs On LPG Gas Cylinder

Given India’s massive population, it would be impossible to provide LPG cylinders to every home. As a result, some details would inevitably be missed during the process of filling, inspecting, assigning, transporting, and installing an empty cylinder. The margin of error grows when working with tens of millions of cylinders, and when working with something as volatile as LPG, even a minor miscalculation could have fatal consequences.

Indians are automatically enrolled in an insurance policy that offers up to Rs. 40 lakh coverage under several headings when they purchase LPG cylinders from any of the approved dealers.

Procedure to be followed to Get Insurance claim of up to 40 Lakhs On LGP Gas Cylinder :

in case of any accident involving consumer’s installation, he/she has to forthwith advice

the supplying distributor.

Whenever an accident is reported, the concerned Area Office investigates the cause of the accident and if the accident is an LPG accident, the local office of the Insurance Company is notified by the concerned distributor / Area Office and subsequently lodges claim with the concerned Insurance Company.

Customers are not required to apply to Insurance Companies or to contact them directly.

Customers are required to submit to the Oil Company the originals of Death Certificate(s) and Post Mortem report(s) /Coroner’s report/Inquest report, as applicable, in case of deaths and original Medical Bills, Doctors’ Prescriptions in original supporting the purchase of the medicines, Discharge Card in original and any other documents related to the hospitalization in case of injuries.

In case of property damage at customers’ registered premises, the Insurance Co. appoints their Surveyor to assess the loss.

Claims are settled based upon the merit of each case. The concerned Insurance Company takes decision regarding settlement of the claim as per the provisions of Insurance Policies

Limit of liability to claim Insurance:

 Liability at Law for compensation and claimants’ costs & expenses:

– Per Event: Rs. 50 Lakhs

– Per Person: Rs. 10 Lakhs

– Per Year: Rs. 100 Crores

 Personal Accident cover to third parties and customers and property damage at authorized customers’ registered premises:

Personal Accident: Rs.5,00,000 per person per event in case of death

Medical expenses: Rs 15,00,000/- per event (Max Rs.1,00,000 per person, immediate relief upto Rs. 25,000/- per person)

Property damage: Max. Rs.100,000/- per event at authorized customers’ registered premises. Per year in aggregate : Rs. 8 crore

Must know, Get Insurance claim of up to 40 Lakhs On LPG Gas Cylinder

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