Thumb rule for shopping and saving money

Thumb rule for shopping and saving money. These are the ways to save money while shopping. Get the best deals and Save money while shopping and , how to save money while shopping.

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1. Time Your Purchase

If you wait to purchase something until you need it, you’re likely to pay the sticker price, but with a little advanced planning, you can save big bucks. Will This Item Go on Sale?

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2. Find a Substitute

If the item you want to buy doesn’t quite fit into your budget, think about similar but less expensive alternatives. Figuring out the real reason behind a pending purchase can help you brainstorm ways to achieve the same result more affordably.
Similar But Less Expensive
For example, if you’re worried about being bored during a long flight, you may want to buy a spare battery for your laptop so you can get some work done. In this case, your primary concern isn’t getting more work done but rather finding a way to occupy your time.

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3. Can I Find It Cheaper Somewhere Else?

It’s usually a bad idea to buy an item in the first place you see it because it’s very likely it is cheaper somewhere else.
For expensive purchases where you have a lot to gain by comparing prices, and for situations, like online shopping, where it’s straightforward to compare prices, the savings you’ll achieve are worth the extra time and effort.

So I follow these rules to save money while buying clothes-

  • I pick one colour outfits from brands and colourful and trendy clothes from a local market.
  • I do wrinkle tests. I check if clothes need any extra effort like iron and dry cleaning.
  • I perform the full-price tests. I ask myself a question that is this product really good that I am willing to pay full price?
  • Mostly I pick solid colour outfits. This reduces styling efforts.
  • So this was my strategy for buying clothes. Do you like this strategy?

What is your strategy to buy clothes?

Thumb rule for shopping and saving money

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