Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Are "Clearly in Love" Before Their Georgia Wedding, According to a Spa Owner 

Ahead of their big party, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are taking advantage of some southern hospitality.

After getting married in Las Vegas last month, the couple and their children were spotted on a family vacation in Savannah, Georgia, on Thursday as they prepared to celebrate their union with loved ones.

According to Glow Med Spa owner Courtney Victor, who spoke exclusively to PEOPLE, Affleck and Lopez appeared together wearing complementary tans

 while Lopez attended the spa while Affleck and the kids ordered coffee at Gallery Espresso.

The family also went shopping in Savannah's historic district, which is close to Affleck's 87-acre estate. 

"There is no denying their affection. They all appeared to be such a happy and close-knit family, adds Victor, who also gushes about the bride: "She is flawless.

She is so stunning, it's unreal. She embodies the ideal shining bride." The gang was "very low-key and kind," she continues.

Affleck and Lopez resumed their romance last year after their initial relationship lasted from 2002 to 2004. In April, they made an engagement announcement.

Last month, the pair exchanged vows at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas at a small midnight ceremony.

 "The wedding in Las Vegas went perfectly. They each cherished it. It was quiet and private. They only asked for that."