What to do After Online Shopping Scam!

Online shopping scam is something that we have to deal with today. Especially, when online shopping is getting more and more popular and something worth $84 billion in 2015. But unfortunately, more and more people fall into the trap of online shopping scam. And Scams happen. Online shopping scam stories exist. Yet, you can limit the damage and protect yourself. What to do After Online Shopping Scam!

Your flight was canceled but the refund for the defective internet purchases you made did not arrive since you did not return them. We frequently encounter situations of this nature. We tweet at the company and contact them, but neither action has any impact. We wish there was a reliable online method for us to make a complaint and receive a resolution. Therefore, informed public, there is only one way to reach the National Consumer Helpline, and that is by visiting consumerhelpline.gov. You will see the option to “register a grievance” under “sign up” on the left. By completing this form, you accomplish just that, and by visiting this page, you can also follow your complaint.  

The resolution period is 45 days, however a significant number of top online retailers and travel websites are already connected to the NCH. Meaning that the resolution is made faster than that. If you look at NCH’s rating on the Play Store, it is just 2.8, which is quite low. However, if you read the reviews, you will see that many people are receiving resolutions. One more thing, though: this entire procedure is non-litigation, so if it doesn’t work for you and you want to file a case online, you may do so as well.

What to do After Online Shopping Scam!

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